The Thanksgiving Myth

Breaking Apart The Thanksgiving Myth

Date: Friday, 11/20    Time: 2:00pm  FREE EVENT

The long held conventions we associate with Thanksgiving are beloved traditions, particularly in New England, but with them comes an adherence to erroneous, antiquated, and even offensive beliefs about the origins of this holiday. In this presentation, we explore how you can still enjoy your turkey while being historically accurate and culturally sensitive.

Loren Spears is not only the executive director of Tomaquag Museum, she is also an educator, activist, author, and Indigenous artist. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1989 and master’s degree from the University of New England with a focus on elementary education. She founded the Nuweetooun School affiliated with the Tomaquag Museum (closed in 2010 due to flooding) and was a teacher in Newport public schools for 12 years. A 2017 winner of the Tom Roberts Prize for Creative Achievement in the Humanities from the Rhode Island Council on the Humanities, she was honored for her “compelling work as an advocate of Indigenous People’s history and cultural heritage in preservation, the arts, and education.” In 2010, Spears was named as one of 11 Extraordinary Women honorees for teaching and education.

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