Auditions – Call for Actors

Call For Actors


The Old Man and the She

By David Christner


A Synopsis:

Only one thing is missing from the seemingly ideal lives of Katherine Mansfield and Jack Collins: intimacy. That is, intimacy without the cumbersome emotional expectations and commitments ordinarily associated with an intimate relationship. These two free-wheeling seniors are looking for nothing beyond physical pleasure, the perfectly natural euphoria that comes with intimate gratification. To satisfy this basic human need, each looks to the internet and to find a suitable, like-minded and able-bodied companion. As luck and fate would have it, not only do they discover each other, but that they both live in the same brand-spanking new condo complex in a Boston suburb. Their dreams of intimate fulfillment are only a few doors down. When family and friends catch wind of it, what could possibly go wrong?

The Black Box Theater at the Edward King House is in search of characters to participate in a staged reading of David Christner’s The Old Man and the She: A Romantic Comedy in Two Acts.  The character descriptions are listed below.  Contact Carmela Geer at to set up an audition.  This show will go up the weekend of November 16th.

Characters needed:

          Rosie Fountain: (age 30-50) a scrappy waitress working at a local diner where the other characters occasionally gather.

          Lien Nguyen: (age late 30s to mid 40s) Jack’s Amerasian overprotective daughter whose mother died in Vietnam during the war who reunited with her father in America as a young girl.

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