Welcome To The Edward King House Virtual Senior Center

For more than 50 years, the Edward King House Senior Center has served a vital role in our community by keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of the senior population. During these uncertain times we are doing our best to reach the senior population and their caregivers in new and innovative ways.  We hope that you will take advantage of the up to date offerings on our web-page while our brick and mortar  Center is closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  
Know that our staff are manning our phone lines as we speak to answer your questions and allay your concerns.  Please call us at 401-846-7426.  If we are on the line, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


It is at times like these that we often forget that the Edward King House is an organization that relies on donations to sustain its operations.  Now, more than ever, we need your help to keep our programming funded.  Although our brick and mortar building is closed, our programming and services are still up and running in a whole new way.  But we need your help to continue our work to reach the older adult community with resources, up to date information and ways to stay connected and healthy. 

Become a member, adopt a senior or just let us know that you believe in us!

 Please make your check payable to Edward King House Senior Center and mail or bring it to 35 King Street, Newport, RI 02840.  If you would like to speak with us about donating please call the center at 401-846-7426 ext 1 and ask for Carmela Geer, Executive Director.

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Upcoming Events

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14 Jul, 2020
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15 Jul, 2020
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16 Jul, 2020
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17 Jul, 2020