Aviation Histories & Mysteries -Special NCOS Event

Aviation Histories and Mysteries

Sessions: 1   Class Time:  10:30-12:30 , WEDNESDAY, May 4, 2016
Cost:  Member $10/ Non-Member $15
During the two hour seminar we will review, examine and discuss the following topics:
–  The five historical events or milestones that shaped  aviation history
–  The top five commercial airplane incidents and crashes
–  The top five unsolved aviation mysteriesairline disaster
–  Aviation statistics and happy ending stories
–  The future of drones (time permitting)
Presenter: Jet Vertz retired after working 40 years in the aerospace business in 2012 and moved to South County, RI.  Prior to retirement, he was an executive at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  Jet has taught this class at other lifelong learning programs.    He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Computer Science and MBA.
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