Clarence Darrow Comes to the Small Stage at EKH


Rob Reimer appears in this one-man play based on the writings of famed defense attorney Clarence Darrow. Here is the famous attorney reminiscing over his long and renowned career, touching on many of his famous trials, including the “Monkey” trial and the sensational Leopold-Loeb case. Darrow reviews much of America’s legal history with salty humor, courtroom gusto, and human relish. His private life and many contemporary events, including labor conditions, are woven into this story of a man who accepted unpopular cases and defended unpopular causes. This champion of dissenters and underdogs was also a writer and lecturer, and he conjures up many famous people from his life and times.  The play, constructed in the form of a monologue, traces Darrow’s progress from a greenhorn lawyer to a giant in the field of civil libertarianism. Reimer’s portrayal is moving, funny, and thought provoking, with a touch of sarcasm and wit.  A play written in for the stage in 1974 follows the career of a legal eagle from the 1920’s whose fight for the underdog is still as relevant today as it was then.   There will never be another Darrow.  But maybe there should be.

Clarence Darrow: A One-Man Play

By David W. Rintels

Rob Reimer as Clarence Darrow At The Studio
The Edward King House
35 King Street
Newport RI 02840
Tickets: $10 General Admission

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