“Deception” in Great American Movies

Sessions: 6  Class Time:  12:45-3:45pm

TUESDAY — 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/9, 4/16, 4/23   Class Limit:  30   Member $50/ Non-Member $75

All societies discourage lying, but every day, millions say, “No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat,” “Oh, I’m so sorry, we’re busy that night,” and occasionally, “No, officer, I didn’t kill my husband.”  The characters in  A Tale of Two Cities,  The Heiress, The Lady Eve, The Bad Seed, Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, and Shakespeare in Love deliberately deceive people.  Come learn the background of each movie which we will watch together, then discuss its characters, themes, symbols and other aspects.  We will start with a handout and description of how each movie was conceived and produced, and what to look for in it. We will later conclude with a group discussion of what this movie was unique for, and what it meant to each of us. Consequently, 3 hours is allotted for each session.

Lynda Tisdell is a former North Kingstown High School English teacher who has loved movies ever since she saw Peter Pan at the age of six.  Passionate about movies, she has studied them, endlessly discussed them, and dreamed about them. She has taught a large number of movie classes for other organizations, including OLLI at URI.

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