Eight Secrets of Good Skincare (Live on Zoom)


Eight secrets of Good Skin Care

Presented by Bonnie Houle-Pizcz

Description: We cannot stop the aging process, but there are ways to slow down the aging of our skin. Thispresentation will discuss how we can all look and feel better as we age. Basic good health practices willbe discussed during this presentation to include:  the causes of aging skin, the causes of lines and wrinkles and health behaviors- sleep, exercise, food, and water.


The eight items to be discussed are:
1- Sun exposure
2- Making faces, squinting, frowning
3- Adequate sleep
4- Exercise, movement
5- Yo yo dieting
6- Vitamins and supplements
7- Water
8- Basic skin care

I will discuss each one and will welcome questions and comments at the end.

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