EKH Re-Opens for In Person Service

Note the following steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of those who participate in Edward King House Senior Center programs and services:

  1. Anyone coming to the EKH must prove they are fully vaccinated in order to enter the building without a mask in accordance with RIDOH and CDC guidelines.  
  2. No one will be forced to prove vaccination but if they cannot prove that they have been vaccinated, they will be required to wear their mask the entire time and in every room of the building while they are with us.
  3. Regular participants need only validate vaccination once as we will place them in our system so that need not do it again.
  4. Visitors and all others are also required to follow the same policy and will be placed in our system when they visit.  There are no exceptions. 
  5. Our staff will be wearing their masks in all common areas of the building at all times.  
  6. Everyone will undergo a short health screening before they enter as well.  Again, there will be no exceptions.
  7. The EKH will be offering half of the in-person programs we normally offer in order to keep the possibility of “crossover” of walking traffic down to a minimum.  
  8. All in-person enrichment will be balanced to the best of our ability with virtual offerings whenever possible.
  9. All services (i.e. Medicare support, health information etc.) will be offered in both in-person and virtual formats.
  10. We have developed a “COVID cap” number for each room in our facility.  For example, the ballroom will now only accommodate 25 participants for an in-person “theater-style” program instead of the usual 65 participants so that we can maintain appropriate social distance.  Our staff will place chairs in appropriate positions.  Where we place the chairs is where they will stay.
  11. We will do everything in our power to “normalize” wearing the mask by setting an appropriate example, offering free masks and encouraging everyone to wear them regardless of vaccination status.
  12. Lastly, we are encouraging the adult population we serve to continue to be educated about what steps they need to take to manage their own health.  We, in turn, will provide as many options as we can within reason. Anyone unwilling to follow this policy will be removed from the building immediately.
This is feeling a little bit like the 12 commandments to re-opening but know that we constantly have our eye on the ball and will adjust as the RIDOH and CDC guidelines require. 

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