Keeping Your Identity Safe From Unemployment Scammers

As a Senior Center Director and now in my late 50’s, I find myself constantly on the lookout for trends that benefit the senior community.  Sadly, I have been following a destructive trend in the past week that has me on high alert.  When I recieved one phone call from a senior, I thought it was a fluke.  When the fourth call in, it became a disheartening pattern.

As if the world couldn’t get more more confusing, it has recently come to my attention that a financial plague” has struck individuals all over the country.  I am talking about the rash of unemployment claims being made in the names of folks who have not requested benefits.  It’s frightening to receive a notice in the mail asking if you have found employment or need to renew your benefits when you never initiated the process nor have you been receiving benefits.  Or worse yet, when you are retired and have not worked for a number of years.  They have your social security number, place of previous or current employment and rate of pay.  What is going on?


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