Lecture on Energy and Power


Energy, Power, Civilization : The Future According to Science

A few science humanists predicted hydrocarbon pollution far before public awareness and told us how to stop it and reverse it. Institutions in the USA did not listen – largely because most scientists and engineers live in the bubble of self- preservation of their livelihoods in national defense or profit industries which ignored “externalities”.  These sessions will  look at our ability to reverse climate change – because the world has done nothing of any consequence to limit global warming. As a total earth system, we are failing at a rate the negates any and all carbon reduction efforts to date.   Our understanding of power and energy needs to change.

Mike Armenia, Captain US Navy retired, has been a research scientist for the Department of Defense for 30 years.  He has also worked for 35 years in private industry developing and fielding energy systems for government and commercial customers.  These include operational energy sources that don’t produce greenhouse gasses:   nuclear reactors and solar/wind integrated microgrids.  Currently as a citizen scientist he is working with 100s of others in engineering societies studying the practical aspects of renewables and nuclear power.  These citizen scientists often reach conclusions differing from peer reviewed journals as well as prevailing public beliefs.

This program is offered in person.

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