Medicare Open Enrollment Program Now Taking Appointments

 The Edward King House Senior Center is now taking appointments for the upcoming Medicare Open Enrollment session scheduled for  October 15th to December 7th.  By calling 401-846-7426, appointments will be scheduled for sites that include the Edward King House Senior Center, the Middletown Senior Center, Park Holme Senior Center, Donovan Manor, and the Pemberton Apartments in Jamestown.  Please do not call the partner sites as you will be redirected to the main appointment line.

Newport County’s Team of SHIP Counselors is ready to make open enrollment as smooth as possible. All seniors on Medicare or entering the Medicare system are urged to make an appointment to ensure that they are receiving the best possible service plan.  OCTOBER 15th Thru DECEMBER 7th is the time to make changes, or to be sure you still have the best plan for your current needs.

  • SHIP Counselors are currently learning the changes that your current plan is going to have that will affect you.

  • SHIP Counselors can tell you what your premium will be next year, and how much your prescriptions will cost you at all the local drug stores.

  • Do you know what your plan’s “preferred drug store is?”

  • Do you know that prices have actually gone DOWN in the last few years? You might be paying a higher premium for the same plan, just because you have not had your Medicare “check up!”

  • Do you hit the donut hole? Will you hit the donut hole this year? SHIP counselors can tell you when you will reach it, what it will cost you when you are in it, and perhaps find ways for you to avoid it.

The program has saved clients thousands of dollars last year on premiums and drug costs and is not affiliated with any insurance company, as SHIP is funded by a grant from the Department of Elderly Affairs.  Participants should bring their current list of Medications with dosage and frequency, Medicare card and any other health insurance cards they may have to their appointment.

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