The Edward King House is proud to welcome back Peggy Cappy and the Yoga For The Rest Us program.  

Peggy Cappy’s 5 Essential Yoga Poses, Necessary to Balance Hips and Torso


Peggy Cappy will demonstrate yoga poses which can provide relief from chronic pain, which now affects over 100 million Americans. Peggy herself struggled with severe hip pain (she thought she needed a hip replacement but the pain turned out to be muscular rather than from the joint), and she understands how physically and emotionally debilitating it can be.

In this workshop Peggy will explain how muscle imbalances account for 80 percent of the pain in the body, including back, knees, hips, and head and shoulders, even wrists and feet. She will share how this pain can be relieved with simple stretches and easy yoga poses. These poses have a preventative effect as well.

Peggy will also guide yoga teachers in how to select yoga poses to help re-balance students’ bodies. You need this material if you are a yoga teacher.

If you are a yoga student, Peggy will demonstrate how you can integrate the essential stretches and poses into a home or office routine.

You will be pleased at how leading-edge this workshop will be. Don’t miss this!

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