The Penny Post for August

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I’ve completed my first year as Board President and it’s time to review the past months and events.  I was a little scared with the responsibility when elected and, at the same time, excited for the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm to planning and programs.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.  I’ve listened to complaints along the way but the overwhelming support and compliments received are heartwarming.  I am grateful for all of you and feel like I have a new, big family.

Now we have new goals to work toward, programs and interesting events to plan and accomplish it with a caring and generous spirit.  Providing a place for everyone to find what they need and looking for ways to provide it all keeps me on my toes and sometimes up at night. But let me quickly tell you, everything I’ve done as President is a “labor of love”.

One of my new goals is to enlist a core of volunteers, Guest Ambassadors, to give our tiny and over-worked staff the relief they need to continue to manage not only the day-to-day activities but a growing calendar of events.  Lending a hand would give them the relief needed to pursue other necessary projects.

Among our vast membership there are folks with experience and the skill we need.  By utilizing their time and talent a few hours a week, the daily workload can become lighter.   The King House can meet more member’s needs and expand the caring   environment we’ve established over the years.

The main responsibility of the Board of Directors is to provide the money needed for the needs of the organization.  With the increasing expense of maintaining our lovely building, the monthly expenses and programs we provide, it’s a trusty group of volunteers that could help fill the void and provide our members with the extra attention they need and enjoy.

If you enjoy talking with people, putting a smile on their face and meeting a vital need in our operations, we can help you become a volunteer and Edward King House Guest Ambassador.  You have a valuable skill that may meet our needs.

Here’s to the last weeks of summer … heat, humidity and all.  Remember last winter when we all “wished for summer”.  It’s here now so let’s enjoy it before cold weather returns!

Cheers, Penny


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